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Manoj Papa

Aerospace Projects & Strategy

As a result-orientated executive, I bring many years of leadership expertise to the table, which includes aviation experience, driving successful business operations, and enhancing corporate productivity.

With a strategic vision and a sustained record of achieving targets and turning around loss-making operations, my years of international experience have nurtured a keen insight and an eye for producing an immediate impact on profitability and positioning. I have worked in Seychelles, United Arab Emirates, Italy, South Africa, and Malta.

My approach to attaining success has been built focusing on sustainable profitability and growth, the design and implementation of strategic measures, and a key emphasis on building and nurturing people.

I am a target driven professional who is on a single-minded mission to add value and make a difference. My success is based on vision, strong leadership, and the cultivation of a competent people culture. As such, I pride myself on determining the demands of all stakeholders.

Finally, I have recently written a book entitled "Cleared for Take-Off” which has enabled me to demonstrate my credentials and what drives me as a person. Using three case studies from Air Seychelles, South African Airways, and Etihad, the book demonstrates a critical component to achieving success: getting people to pull together and grow together, all aligned in the same direction towards a shared vision.

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