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Alan Price  MSc

Strategic Operations and Business Analytics

An internationally experienced executive, Alan has a strong strategy and pure consulting background with an added focus on niche markets in aviation, economic development and offshore capital markets. He has proven success in managing teams, projects and building relationships that deliver significant, tangible results, such as for example creating the founder team for Cardiff Aviation Ltd – an aircraft maintenance, training and flight operations company based in Wales – and successfully financing and launching the company. He has excelled at building dynamic networks of key individuals in order to leverage skills, finance and influence. This has enabled him to develop an extensive knowledge of, and well-developed networks in, offshore capital markets. He received an international education in Dubai and Zambia and went on to gain experience in most parts of the world but with a strong focus on Africa, the Middle East and China. He has gained a reputation amongst his peers for relishing the challenge of taking on projects in some of the world’s most difficult working environments.


Alan’s strength lies in his ability to pull teams together that provide confidence and direction in the face of uncertainty and disruptive change, by trading annual planning cycles for agile sprints that align more closely to the speed of technology and customer demands. This means looking in the right places and connecting the seemingly unconnected to rapidly identify new market opportunities, develop lightweight business cases and build consensus across diverse stakeholders.

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